Palazzo Biblioteca


Second Place - King & King Comprehensive Design Competition

The modernist minimalism agenda still persists in the design strategy of the contemporary tower. The scale-less, detail-less tower dominates its surroundings with no regard for the human scale, and becomes an intimidating and aggressive force. Situated on the south-eastern corner of Bryant Park, this project attempts to respond to the force through creating spaces and geometry that can be visually disassembled into scalarly manageable elements.

The landmarked base houses New York Public Library offices, a convention center, and a restaurant. The tower stacks the flexible offices with a mechanical room in the center and an employee cafeteria on top. The core is a concrete blade protecting the tower from southern sunlight. Each work space is within 25 feet of an operable window and the roofs and courtyard collect rainwater for recycling.


Type: Office, Public Assembly, and Restaurant

Location: New York, New York

Year: 2013

Team: Kanyalak Kupdakvinij and Mark Zlotsky