Four Wise Cattle


Finalist - Function/Folly 2017

The Cattle are four living, breathing, colossal creatures that roam the park. From sculpture to sculpture, place to place, they converse and impose a monumental presence. When left to rest, the cattle find a comfortable spot, exhale a smoky sigh, and invite you to enjoy their shade and wander amidst their hazy breath.

Some days they’re scattered – one hiding among the trees, another straddling over a passing tenant. And other days they’re put to work – whipped into line to organize a bazaar or huddled into a square to shade a meeting.

Each time you visit, they’re up to something new, talking to someone else. You remember their last conversations and wonder what secrets they’ll share in their next.


Type: Shading Structure, Object, and Beast

Location: Socrates Sculpture Park, Queens, New York

Year: 2017

Team: Karyn Lao and Mark Zlotsky