Casting Liberland


Finalist - Liberland Urban Design Competition

With hopeful ideals towards becoming a world power founded on anarcho-capitalism, Liberland is a young micro-nation situated on a sliver of unclaimed land between Serbia and Croatia along the Danube River. Currently a grassy patch with a dirt road and a cabin, Liberland seeks for a strategy to grow into a city.

Casting Liberland is an application of the commedia dell’architettura model by designing the stage for the buildings to perform on. Motivated by freedom, Liberland aims to become a commercial nation built by entrepreneurial individuals who collaborate and compete in a true free market. Despite spatial limitations, Liberland is situated near existing amenities the nation may utilize in order to focus on commercial growth. By spatially organizing with a dynamic, scale-less spatial module with a focus on the expression of the façade, Liberland would emphasize the individual’s identity while remaining a unified whole as it fluidly expands. In order to adapt to local contextual forces, the scalene module may infinitely combine or divides itself into orthogonal, centralized, or dynamic stages. The geometry has the flexibility to form simple grids, hexagonal webs, and disorderly networks.


Type: Urban Plan

Location: Liberland

Year: 2016

Team: Mark Zlotsky